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English Language Arts

Class Syllabus
ELA: Important Rubrics/Handouts
Humanities: Important Rubrics/Handouts
English Language Arts


ELA Homework for Week 6/20 to 6/24

Students must have completed their book club novels by Monday, June 20th. Wednesday the autobiography portfolios are due! In class, this week students will complete a poster board that reflects the story elements of their novel. Students will continue typing their anthology submissions. Also, we will have a multicultural feast on Monday, June 27. Students are asked to bring in the dish that they based their process essay on.


Finish your book club novel by 6/20

Autobiography due 6/22

Story Elements Poster Board (completed in class) 6/24

family recipe for multicultural feast 6/27

Lewin global anthology submissions must be sent to Mrs. Kaplan at by 6/28.

Handouts for the current week are listed below. Handouts for previous weeks can be found under important rubrics and handouts.

Name: _______________________ ELA
Barrio Boy Process Essay

Family Recipe Process Essay Rubric
Follow the steps below carefully and adhere to due dates to complete your next autobiographical writing piece about a significant family recipe of ancestral value.

I. Prewriting (Due 5/13) - gather information about a family recipe by interviewing at least THREE members of your family.
II. Compose the 1st Draft of your Process Essay (Due 5/16)
A process essay is basically a recipe that tells the reader how something is or was created. In its most simplistic form, a process essay could describe how to change the oil in a car or how to bake a cake. Your process essay will not only detail a family recipe, it will also describe the importance of the recipe, its ancestral value and how it reflects the events in your family members lives.
A. Introduction - Your introduction must (1) state the subject of your essay (recipe) and (2)state a point or opinion about its importance, and (3) suggest how or why the recipe is important to your family history.
1) Thesis - tell the name of the recipe and its importance to the family. EXAMPLE: A recipe for challah, based down from my great grandmother has historical and emotional significance to all the members of my family.
2) Hook - suggest how/why the recipe is important. EXAMPLE: Every Friday night and on appropriate holidays, my mother and I gather all the necessary ingredients to make this recipe. While we mix and measure, my mother tells stories about her family history.
B. Body Paragraphs - In a process paper, the body paragraphs describe the steps involved in the process. So, your essay must detail the steps involved in making the recipe and the importance of the recipe to your family members. This is where you will detail the answers you've gathered from your interviews. Also, remember, the steps for actually making the recipe must be in accurate, chronological order.
C. Conclusion - Your conclusion must signal a clear end to your paper, so finish your paper by expressing the value and importance of the recipe to you. Avoid using "I" phrases!

Don't Procrastinate!